■CLOVER RECORDS[クローバー・レコーズ] 
■martian mode[マーシャン・モード] 


CLOVER RECORDS[クローバー・レコーズ]


C-000 1995.04.-- feelie pop! V.A.(kactus/rocky mountain broncos power/flow/cherry straw/peatmos/gum gum punch/chat glew/goldwin/nyaw)
C-001 1995.04.-- Take Five Songs Kactus
C-002 1995.04.-- Thunder Rocky Mountain Broncos Power
C-003 1995.04.-- rich time for you Peatmos
C-004 1995.04.-- nhk Nyaw
C-005 1995.04.-- april Flow
C-006 1995.04.-- country short cake Cherry Straw
C-007 1995.05.-- superscope Goldwin
C-008 1995.06.-- works of cherry straw 1992-1994 Cherry Straw
C-009 1995.07 sidekick Colenimo
C-010 1995.08.-- the solar system V.A.(kactus/flow/gum gum punch/colinimo/boosted goners/plain cream puff splay/cherry straw/rocky mountain broncos power/peatmos/recycled pop/cymbals)
C-011 1995.07.-- sound Rocky Mountain Broncos Power
C-012 1995.07.-- solitude paranoiaque-clitique Colenimo
C-013 1995.07.-- in a hole Recycled Pop
C-014 1995.10.-- coffee and cymbals Cymbals
C-015 1995.10.-- joe with monkey Recycled Pop
C-016 1995.11.-- memories of this summer Compass Sky
C-017 1996.01.-- lanky Smiley
C-018 1996.02.-- trio the straw and straw vision #1 Cherry Straw
C-019 1996.02.-- summer vacation e.p Kactus
C-020 1996.02.-- analogue master V.A.(rocky mountain broncos power/ゴールデンフォー/peatmos/boosted goners/compass sky/cherry straw/smiley/all my tomorrow/recycled pop/sugar kane/外タレ/colenimo/biscuit fan/gum gum punch/cymbals/kactus)
C-021 1996.02.-- carnival Biscuit Fan
C-022 1996.02.-- charlie's red guitar Smiley
C-023 1996.04.-- planet ave. Colenimo
C-024 1996.04.-- les mensongs Colenimo
C-025 1996.05.-- only the brightest cleaner can divide between black & white smiley
C-026 1996.05.-- potato week Maples
C-027 1996.06.-- piccolo 800 cherries
C-028 1996.07.-- get in touch with pop Recycled Pop
C-029 1996.07.-- bye bye kitty Compass Sky
C-030 1996.07.-- compilation vol. 3.5 V.A.(boosted goners/maples/rocky mountain broncos power)
C-031 1996.07.-- red bicycle Lucy Van Pelt
C-032 1996.07.-- sweet consistsred go cart! Red Go-Cart
C-033 1996.08.-- accurate tone for your lovely children Cymbals
C-034 1996.10.-- mess Peatmos
C-035 1996.10.-- sans*souci Colemino
C-036 1996.11.-- silver lining underwater Orange Cake Mix
C-037 1996.11.-- comet suicide Comet Sun
C-038 1997.01.-- future sound of rocky mountain broncos power Rocky Mountain Broncos Power
C-039 1997.02.-- recycled pop 1st+2nd+3rd Recycled Pop
C-040 1997.03.-- do re mi kitchen studio Colenimo
C-041 1997.03.-- smiley smiley
C-042 1997.03.-- how to pop, how to punk kumari
C-043 1997.03.-- golden great big kiss Goldenfour
C-044 1997.04.-- red go-cart Red Go-Cart
C-045 1997.04.-- kick it up! Recycled Pop
C-046 1998.01.-- take some Flowchart
C-047 2000.06.-- clean to mess Clean Boy*Messy Girl
C-048 2000.10.01 room 西森千明
C-049 2000.11.01 left your space Crawl Babies
C-050 2000.11.25 sunday drive Pitwork
C-051 2000.11.25 flying Vasallo Clab 75


CLSI-701 1998.01.21 dizzy dizzy dizzy go 800 Cherries
CLSI-702 1998.05.21 paw punch! Kato Masako
CLSI-703 1998.02.21 melbourne holiday V.A.(the cat's miaow/super falling star/the jordans/stinky fire engine)
CLSI-704 1998.06.21 our plan Smiley
CLSI-705 1998.07.21 the lazy dance Gypsophile
CLSI-706 1998.11.21 sugarstar e.p Poussin*
CLSI-707 1999.02.15 seven fantastic cats V.A.()
CLSI-708 1999.06.01 sleepy and sleeper Clean Boy*Messy Girl
CLSI-709 1999.03.10 beach flower ep Orange Cake Mix
CLSI-710 1999.09.21 love you Hour Musik
CLSI-711 1999.09.21 slide guitars and moving cars Her Space Holiday
CLSI-712 1999.09.21 shine e.p Pitwork
CLSI-713 2001.03.10 blue moon The Bart and Friends


CLCD-501 1997.08.31 pop jingu vol.1 V.A.(drum solo/kactus/peatmos/lucy van pelt/plain cream puff spray/red go-cart/smiley/800 cherries/penelopes/maples/kactus/color filter)
CLCD-502 1998.03.21 lips that taste of tears Trembling Blue Stars
CLCD-503 1998.09.21 the bank of england Blueboy
CLCD-504 1999.04.21 where'd you learn to kiss that way? The Field Mice
CLCD-505 1999.05.15 california Harvey Williams



nc-001 2007.10.13 仄灯 西森千明[Chiaki Nishimori]


CLCD-401 1998.11.21 romantico 800 Cherries
CLCD-402 1999.10.10 dream window Orange Cake Mix
CLCD-403 1999.04.01 skip and make it flower Red Go-Cart
CLCD-404 1999.07.01 unaneelmi Gypsophile
CLCD-405 1999.08.01 piccolo 800 Cherries
CLCD-406 1999.11.21 clover club - a clover compilation 1 V.A.(macaroon/800cherries/the cat's maiow/super falling star/the jordans/stinky fire engine/smiley/gypsophile/poussin*/red go-cart/busch/brideshead/knabenkraut/mumbly/clean boy*messy girl/orange cake mix/hour musik/macaroon)
CLCD-407 2000.04.21 tokatonton smiley
CLCD-408 2000.04.21 pop jingu vol.2 V.A.(micro scope/crawl babies/jet lag/clean distortion/momorien/poussin/nobi+yoshi+miki/recycled pop/trupen/fp's/blanket o'lynus/micro scope/clean distortion/crawl babies/momorien/replicant/soundot.)
CLCD-409 2000.09.21 opuscula 800 Cherries
CLCD-410 2001.04.10 le fumalin Watoo Watoo
CLCD-411 2001.03.20 why that doesn't suprise me The Lucksmiths
CLCD-412 2001.06.10 subtle song Pervenche
CLCD-413 2001.10.20 singin'up to the star Red Go-Cart
CLCD-414 2001.11.20 flip turn Vasallo Crab 75
CLCD-415 2002.03.20 Where were we? The Lucksmiths
CLCD-416 2002.05.30 pop jinbu vol.3 V.A.
CLCD-417 2002.07.10 three strikes again smiley
CLCD-418 2003.03.26 circuit Daffodil-19
CLCD-419 2003.04.16 naturaliste The Lucksmihts
CLCD-420 2004.09.29 空想喫茶 渚十吾
CLCD-421 2004.10.29 fragments 西森千明[Chiaki Nishimori]
CLCD-422 2005.02.09 Wild Wild Party Snowball
CLCD-423 2014.03.16 かけがえのない 西森千明[Chiaki Nishimori]
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型番 発売日 タイトル アーティスト 備考
- - ASHTRAY BOY & Smiley japan tour sampler - -
CLCDR-820 - clover chat! #820 “gundan vs zac” - -
CLCDR-824 2001.05.-- the lucksmiths japan tour sampler V.A. ラックスミス来日ツアーの会場限定販売
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martian mode[マーシャン・モード]


MMUR4001 2005.06.22 my ghost 01 my ghost
MMUR4002 2005.07.20 夏草 monospin

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