■galaxy train[ギャラクシートレイン] 


gal-001 1998.06.13 7inch sunbeam with tone note red go-cart
gal-002 1998.10.13 7inch la pa ti ta 800 cherries
gal-003 1999.04.03 7inch fairy daily e.p. tricorollars
gal-004 1999.10.10 Ct. fortunately gone soda-pop
gal-005 1999.08.12 7inch thing of everyday flower bellcow
gal-006 1999.12.24 Ct. galaxy Xmas V.A.(apartment star/Watoo Watoo/strawberry land/going stagg/yasuhisa obata/cherry letter/poussin*/flotilla/The Skywriters/西森千明/girlboy girl/flower bellcow/sonicberry favour/winter brief/clean boy* messy girl/de kooning/aikagi)
gal-007 2000.05.03 7inch love is in the air the skywriters
gal-008 2000.05.03 Ct. apartment star e.p. apartment star
gal-009 2000.11.-- CD "what you've missed so far"the first hundred releses of blackbean and placenta V.A.(K.A.M./Magnolias Milan/Orange Cake Mix/Boyracer /Beanpole/Yak Brigade/Minnetonka/The Ninjas/Trendlenberg/Metronome/Watoo Watoo/Aikagi/Brain Transfer Project/Shermans/Flowchart/Zoppo/Larz/Figurine/Accelera Deck/A Boy Named Thor/The Mondo Crescendo)
gal-010 2000.11.-- 7inch she's walking down e.p. apartment star
gal-011 2000.11.-- Ct. a cup of american snow ball
gal-012 2001.05.-- Ct. shiroi nanilla mushroom cloud
gal-013 2001.05.-- Ct. fruit vert flotilla
gal-014 2001.05.-- Ct. wonderful sunday chimney corner
gal-015 2001.09.20 Ct. galaxy beach V.A.(loons/mushroom cloud/strawberry land/the snow fairies/apartment star/galactic heroes/snowball/oval-teen/西森千明/playtime/norishio/chimney corner/fastcar/pernath/mcvain brothers/paper kural/apartment heroes)
gal-016 2001.--.-- CD dim movies LOONS
gal-017 2003.07.15 CD 勾玉月夜 toughluck, trashcan !
gal-018 ----.--.-- CD-R 10:00 a.m. mushroom cloud
gal-020 2002.05.-- CD-R departure bitter cherry jam
gal-021 2003.01.12 CD-R lying in the galaxy. ep kotolis
gal-022 2003.01.12 CD-R fourteen e.p acoustics
gal-023 2004.05.01 CD aoikuuki mushroom cloud
gal-024 2013 summer Ct. helmetron Blue Tapes
gal-025 2013 summer Ct. daydream zero pepe&prima
gal-026 2013 summer Ct. Takeshi Endo in his deja-vu[遠藤剛の既視感] Takeshi Endo and Kishikan[遠藤剛と既視感]
gal-027 2014 summer Ct. Where Does the World Exist ? bitter cherry jam
gal-028 2014 summer   LOST TAPE BLUE TAPES
gal-029 2014 summer Ct. after midnight THE MEMORIES
gal-030 2015 Ct. sheep and one second RED GO-CART
gal-031 2015 Ct. Epstein Orkestar BOYS AGE
gal-032 2015 summer Ct. in your own space BITTER CHERRY JAM
gal-033 2015 summer Ct. the inner moon BOYS AGE
gal-034 2015 autumn Ct. Takeshi Endo and his deja vu phenomena Takeshi Endo and Kishikan[遠藤剛と既視感]
gal-035 2015 autumn CD Takeshi Endo and his deja vu phenomena Takeshi Endo and Kishikan[遠藤剛と既視感]
gal-036 2015 autumn Ct. Her Eyes High Sunn
gal-037 2015 winter Ct. New Apocalypse BOYS AGE
gal-038 2015 winter Ct. a girl who manipulates the weather[雲行きをあやつる少女] Renge[レンゲ]
gal-039 2016 spring Ct. Along the Sea Breeze[海風を横目に] Renge[レンゲ]
gal-040 2016 summer Ct. White Cat In The Black Night[闇夜の白ねこ] smileykawada[スマイリー川田]
gal-041 2016 summer Ct. flower funeral high sunn
gal-042 2016 autumn Ct. sunflower sang about cosmos RED GO-CART
gal-043 2016 autumn Ct. CE Schneider Topical "live" Jepeto Solutions
gal-044 2017 winter Ct. sayonara bitter cherry jam
gal-045 2017 winter Ct. Romance Planet BOYS AGE
gal-046 2017 winter Ct. 2002-2010 TJ Sicilia
gal-047 2017 winter Ct. 2002-2010 vol.2 TJ Sicilia
gal-048 2017 winter Ct. the vegetablets the vegetablets
gal-049 2017 winter CD-R the vegetablets the vegetablets
gal-050 2017 spring Ct. summer port renge
gal-051 2017 summer Ct. Hopeless Romantic high sunn
gal-052 2017 summer Ct. sunstroke E.P. smokebees
gal-053 2017 autumn Ct. lost in perspective EP dronjo kept by 4
gal-054 2018 summer 7inchEP Summer Filled With Blue Renge[レンゲ]
gal-055 2018 summer 7inchEP Crystal Clear Winter Renge[レンゲ]
gal-056 2018 summer 7inchEP sprites gave RED GO-CART
gal-057 2018 winter Ct. spring demos dana gavanski
gal-058 2018 summer Ct. Pan & Ping Pong - The Best of Helicopter (1993 - 1999) Helicopter
gal-059 2018 autumn Ct. holmeparkvej desksnail
gal-060 2018 autumn Ct. exhibition ep dronjo kept by 4
gal-061 2018 autumn Ct. Lemon in July Renge[レンゲ]
gal-062 2018 autumn Ct. Found You! Girl President
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