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  1985.--.-- Ct. Too Fast To Satisfy RUIN - A1. Trial And Error
A2. Piss On The Through
A3. Enfant Terribles
A4. Swanky Jap
A5. Free Way
B1. Anti Thesis
B2. Drop Out Of The World
B3. Let It Rock
B4. Angry Face
  1985.--.-- Ct. Arm Up Boys RED HOUSE <RED HOUSE>
TAKAHIRO(Vo.) / HIDE(B./Vo.) / DIE(G./Vo.) / KENGO(Dr.)
A1. Red In Fect
A2. Greedy Economy
A3. Spit Face
A4. Sting And Sting
A5. Radio Tumuit
A6. Atomic Revolt
A7. Arm Up Boys
  1985.--.-- Ct. The Defector T.V.Y. Flak <T.V.Y. Flak>
HIRO(Vo./G.) / TOSHI(Vo./B.) / FLAK MASA(Vo./Dr.)
A1. Defection
A2. Go Ahead
A3. Remote Control
A4. Tranquilizer
B1. Violence 198X
B2. Let's Oi
B3. Revolution
B4. Fucking In The Dead Cities
FRR-001 1986.--.-- 7inch Flexi HAREM The Violence Youth Flak <The Violence Youth Flak>
TOSHI(Vo./B.) / FLAK MASA(Dr./Vo.) / HIRO(G./Vo.)
A1. Harem
A2. World End
B1. Punk Rocker
B2. Battle City
FRR-002 1986.--.-- 7inch Flexi Drop Out Of The World RUIN <RUIN>
A1. Hard Life To Get Through
A2. Grow Strong Your Fire
B1. Drop Out Of The World
FRR-003 1986.05.-- 7inch Flexi False RED HOUSE <RED HOUSE>
POTT(Vo.) / HIDE(B./Vo.) / DIE(G./Vo.) / KENGO(Dr.)
A1. Greedy Economy
A2. Everytime I'm Shouting
B1. Lookout For The Brain
B2. Atomic Revolt
FRR-004 1986.05.-- Ct. The End Of Your Generation V.A. - A1. The Sundance Kids / TVY Flak!
A2. Sex Drug & Rock N Roll / TVY Flak!
A3. Drop Dead Oi! / TVY Flak!
A4. High Way / Zocm
A5. Ladida Punk Rocker / Zocm
A6. Song The Suicide / Close
A7. Merry An Aggressor / Close
A8. Greedy Economy / Red House
A9. Look Out For The Brain / Red House
B1. Shake Off The Yoke / Ruin
B2. Tragic Return To Country / Ruin
B3. Hell The Noise / Piss
B4. Death Of The End / Piss
B5. Want To Love / Frustration
B6. Affectionately / Frustration
B7. Let's Sex / Frustration
B8. Dance Of The Rebel / Rebel!
B9. Decayed The World / Rebel!
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FRR-006 1991.01.-- 7inch Flexi A Mere Shadow Of Myself Missing Burn Noisy Zone Records A1. Don't Perplexed You!
A2. Rip Off
A3. Be Put To Sham
B1. 戦斧
B2. 尊卑
B3. A Mere Shadow Of Myself - Nukegara -
FRR-007 1992.--.-- CD From The Dark Side The Violence Youth Flak Noisy Zone Records 01. From The Dark Side
02. Black City Fight
03. Destruction
04. Bloody Hearts
05. Head Ache
06. Gate Of The Nightmare
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