■Stomping Record 



型番 発売日 形態 タイトル アーティスト 備考 トラック
SR-001 1987.--.-- 7inchFlexi Death On The Beach The Vomits - A1. Death On The Beach
A2. Too Much Blot
B1. No TV Sketch !
B2. Barbarians
SR-002 1987.--.-- 7inchFlexi Tiffany's But Goodies The Tiffanys - A1. What A Good Luck
A2. No! No! No!
B1. You Lot
B2. My Heart
SR-003 1987.--.-- 7inchFlexi Dead Person Dead Person - A1. No Marcy Surviving
A2. M.D.I.
A3. Charge In Trap
B1. Shout
B2. No Money
SR-004 1987.--.-- 7inchFlexi Eat The Dream!! Lance Lot - A1. Death Warrant
A2. Track Down
B1. Heat City
B2. Snail
SR-005 1988.--.-- 7inchFlexi Reckless Cow The Vomits - A1. Stomp Out The R&R!
A2. Diving In Love
B1. This Is The Rebel Sound
B2. Viva La Nuclear Party
SR-006 1988.--.-- 7inchEP Roots Rock Suck Under Beans - A1. You Got To Mix It!
A2. E-Z Life Part II ~ E-Z Life Part I
B1. My Rocket
B2. Unhappy Merry Christmas Song
SR-007 1989.--.-- LP Hardcore Showcase V.A. - A1. Shit Maker / Bat Bones
A2. Out Of My Face! / Bat Bones
A3. Shock / Sex Crime
A4. Boys In The Box / Sex Crime
A5. King Of Rockin' Roll Monster / The Wild Geese
A6. Coming In From The Rise / The Wild Geese
A7. Disguise The Facts / Leather Face
A8. Foolish Dreamer / Leather Face
A9. Nightmare /
Lance Lot
A10. Fight It Out /
Lance Lot
B1. Grasp All, Lose All / Red Neck
B2. Road Marks / Red Neck
B3. Lie Power For Murder / Banish Arms
B4. Bat Luke You / Banish Arms
B5. Continue The Resistance! / The Snickers
B6. Helpless / Fat Slave
B7. FALSE / Fat Slave


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