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NO .1 1983.--.-- Ct. Damaging Noise Tape Gai - A1. 戦争を知らない子どもたち
A2. Liar
A3. Kill The "Penis"
A4. Know
A5. Innocent
B1. Humans Ugly
B2. 地獄に堕ちた天使の金玉
B3. Break
B4. Disarm
  1983.--.-- Ct. Tragic A Present No Cut - A1.Dead Cry
A2. 悲劇なる贈呈
A3. Dissatisfied
A4. Nightmare
A5. Your Bed
B1. Destruction
B2. Sadist
B3. No More War
B4. Open Way
B5. 華
    Ct. Humanism No Cut - A1. Destruction
A2. Panic
A3. S&M
A4. Sadist
A5. 華
A6. Dissatisfied
B1. Your Bed
B2. War
B3. Humanism
B4. 悲劇なる贈呈
6 1984.--.-- Ct. Damnation I Gai - A1. Damnation
A2. Don't Fight
A3. Heat In The Meories
A4. How Long Do You Give Me
A5. Don't Die Five Look It Now
B1. In Reality
B2. Pathetic Day
B3. From Morning Till Night
B4. Don't Be Nasty Boys
B5. Rock'n Roll History
  1984.--.-- Ct. Damnation Gai - A1. Damnation
A2. Fundmental
A3. I Need You
A4. Knife
A5. C.O.N.T. . .
B1. How Rong
B2. Fuck
B3. Pathec Day
B4. Merody
  1984.--.-- Ct. Nazism Sieg Heil The second release on the Violent Party tape label in 1984, in an edition of 50 copies. A1. Nazism?
A2. Terrorist
A3. I Hate Crass!
A4. Anti Nuclear War
B1. ......
B2. Doll Is Dead
B3. Sweet Memories
B4. Sieg-Heil
B5. Who Killed The Jews
  1984.--.-- Ct. Second Demo Sieg Heil A面5曲、B面5曲を収録 -
  1984.--.-- Ct. Indignation Confuse Recorded at Mad Studio 20/3/84. Early 10 track version with slight different cover than the other version. A1. 絶対的軍備力老人
A2. Confuse
A3. Why Do They Use The Violent Power?
A4. Kill The...
A5. Nuclear Poisoning
B1. Hate War No War Fuckin' War
B2. Death To A God
B3. Rebel And War
B4. War Of Pastime
B5. Merciless Game
  1984.--.-- Ct. Indignation Confuse Recorded at Mad Studio 15/4/84. Comes with insert with lyrics. A1. 絶対的軍備力老人
A2. Confuse
A3. Why Do They Use The Violent Power?
A4. War Of Pastime
A5. Hate War No War Fuckin' War
A6. Kill The...
A7. Merciless Game
B1. Indignation
B2. Nuclear Poisoning
B3. Death To A God
B4. Rebel And War
B5. No Victor
B6. The End
EP 001 1984.--.-- 7inch Flexi Extermination E.P. Gai - A1. Extermination
A2. Liar
A3. Pathetic Day
B1. Hate In The Memories
B2. Childlen. Thear Don't Know The War
B3. Blood Spit Night
  1985.--.-- Ct. 1981-1985 Gai - A1. 戦争を知らない子どもたち
A2. 地獄に堕ちた天使の金玉
A3. 曲目不明
A4. Brake
A5. 曲目不明
A6. 曲目不明
A7. Future
A8. Tow Mohikans
A9. Freedom
B1. Belife
B2. Rock N Roll History Fuck Off!!
B3. 曲目不明
B4. How Long Do You Love Me?
B5. Damination
B6. Open The Window
B7. I'm Punk
B8. Five Star
B9. Yes!! Future
TAPE NO. 7   Ct. Violent Party Omnibus Tape - Downtown Street Punker V.A. - A1. Damnation / Gai
A2. Fundmental Human Light / Gai
A3. Today Is Happy / Gedon
A4. Entertainer / Gedon
A5. Open Way / No-Cut
A6. Daed Cry / No-Cut
B1. Spending Loud Night / Confuse
B2. Fight Against The Plutocrats / Confuse
B3. Cannot Stop Laugh / Craps
B4. How Long Do You Give Me / Craps
B5. This Is Religion / Gess
B6. Rock And Roll / Gess
B7. Two Mohicans - Hakata Punk And Punket Story / Gai
EP 2 1984.--.-- 7inch Flexi Nuclear Addicts EP Confuse 1000枚限定 A1. Indignation
A2. People Are Nuclear Poisoning
A3. Rebel & War
A4. Hate (Is It War?)
B1. No Victor
B2. Disaster
B3. The End...
  1984.--.-- Ct. Damnation I Gai First version of Damnation demo. A1. Damnation
A2. Haet In The Memoties
A3. Exiting State Of Tings
B1. How Long Do You Give Me? No Answar
B2. Pathetic Day
B3. In Reality
B4. Jonny A Good!!


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