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型番 発売日 形態 タイトル アーティスト 備考 トラック
SOUL-001 1990.--.-- 7inchEP * 2 Give Us The Time To Play! V.A.   A1. One's Last Hope / Fat Slave
A2. Hypocrisy Condition / Fat Slave
A3. Untitled / Fat Slave
B1. Do Your Saver? / Banish Arms
B2. Not Side Slip In Die / Banish Arms
B3. Vivisection Is Scientific Fraud / Banish Arms
B4. The Sadist Of One Hundred Millions / Banish Arms
C1. To Take No Fake / Gang Thrust
C2. Progress / Gang Thrust
C3. Pollution / Half Life
C4. Cover Up Problems / Half Life
D1. War / Half Life
D2. Slap Bang Spark's / Rich Mate Rally
D3. Be Hot On The Track Of Desire / Rich Mate Rally
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