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◇郷家信行(G./Vo.) / 梅原敏(B.) / 佐藤紳平(Key.) / 松野武弘(Dr.)
▽1988.--.-- SLAP STICK TAKE1/HOW'S EVERYTHING <LP/UPC8026> ※「Ring Your Bell」を収録
□イーハトーヴ / X-WAYSER / カウンターパーツ /
サウスパーパス / Hip-Rocks

Ryuji(Vo.) / Gas[Hiroshi Kasuga](G.) / Aki(B.) / Shinji(Dr.) ※『Disarray』
→Ryuji(Vo.) / Akira(G.) / Atushi(B.) / Shinji(Dr.) ※『Disarray』
1984.--.-- Disarray <7inchFlexi/ADK Records/ADK-16S>
A1. Social Victim
A2. Sadist
A3. Slay
A4. Balder Dash
B1. Bad Blood
B2. Cry Murder
B3. The Place Of Horror
1985.--.-- Disarray <7inchEP/CHICKEN SHIT RECORDS/CS-2>
A1. In Search Of The Miraculous
A2. Dolly Bird
B1. Try To Escape From Reality
B2. Rat Fink

2008.05.-- 1982-1986 <CD/SS Recordings/SS-921>
01. Social Victim
02. Sadist
03. Slay
04. Balder Dash
05. Bad Blood
06. Cry Murder
07. The Place Of Horror
08. In Search Of The Miraculous
09. Dolly Bird
10. Try To Escape From Reality
11. Rat Fink
12. Rat Fink
13. Sham
14. Shadow Of Shade
15. Fight It Out
16. Social Victim (Live Version)
17. Bad Blood (Live Version)
18. Let's Go Flip
19. Slay
20. Sadist
21. Dolly Bird
22. Bite The Bullet
23. Fight It Out
24. Shadow Of Shade

The Tiffanys

△1987.--.-- Tiffany's But Goodies <7inchFlexi/
Stomping Record/SR-002>
A1. What A Good Luck
A2. No! No! No!
B1. You Lot
B2. My Heart

Dead Person

△1987.--.-- Dead Person <7inchFlexi/
Stomping Record/SR-003>
A1. No Marcy Surviving
A2. M.D.I.
A3. Charge In Trap
B1. Shout
B2. No Money

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